Coming Soon: An Updated Framework for Teaching

Students’ needs have evolved, just as teachers have evolved alongside them.

For more than 26 years, the Framework for Teaching (FFT) has been used by millions of educators in the United States and around the world. This spring, the Danielson Group will release an updated version of this essential resource in the growth and support of high-quality teaching.

Supporting Students to Feel Safe and Welcome

Every teacher knows that students must feel safe and welcome in their classrooms before they can be open to learning. Students are more successful and prepared when they feel connected to and valued by their teachers. This is why the updated Framework for Teaching empowers teachers to build a classroom environment that values and nurtures all learners, regardless of background.

As educators, we know that when students aren’t well, they cannot learn. Students’ well-being deserves its own focus alongside academic achievement. This is why the updated Framework for Teaching encourages school leaders and teachers to explicitly prioritize and embed social-emotional learning in their classrooms. 

Context Matters

Every teacher knows that context matters — that what works for students in one community may not be what works for each and every student in another. Teachers are more successful when they are empowered to teach authentically and be responsive to their communities’ needs. This is why the updated Framework for Teaching encourages flexibility to adapt practices to meet the unique needs of students. 

The Danielson Group has harnessed the wisdom of educators to update the revered Framework for Teaching to meet the needs of today’s classrooms. When combined with focused coaching and support, the updated Framework for Teaching provides the foundation from which teachers’ practice can flourish.

"[In the updated Framework For Teaching] It no longer feels like the teacher has all of the control but, there is a transfer of ownership to students in a respectful classroom and, in co-created classrooms, students have autonomy and voice."

– District Administrator

Download FFT At A Glance

Download The Framework for Teaching At A Glance

The complete, updated Framework for Teaching is coming soon. With the FFT At A Glance, have a sneak peek at the key changes and explore this user-friendly overview of the FFT’s domains, components, and elements.

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"I like that [the updated Framework] encourages us to work explicitly to incorporate character and ethical behavior into the work."

– Teacher

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